Karah Bunde

Karah Bunde

Heirloom Founder


Trauma-Informed Weight Lifting

Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer

Healthy Steps Nutrition

CrossFit L2

CrossFit Kids

Mental Health First Aid

About Coach

There is nothing more that I want out of this whole Heirloom thing than to provide a path to wellness for every individual who understands that exercise, healthy daily habits, and making time to have fun with your friends are necessary parts of a long, fulfilling life. When you choose to spend your time at Heirloom, I want it to be the best part of your day. I believe that the strongest coaches are the ones who are always focused on helping you accomplish your personal goals while keeping you in a safe, entertaining, and supportive environment.

Turning Point

I started CrossFit in 2014, at age 38, and through years of dedicated effort and focus within a dynamic training environment, I earned the title of Fittest Woman in Aruba 2 years in a row. I now train for general health and wellness, and I believe the perspective gained through the experience of training as a competitor compared to exercising to get better at life is one of my greatest strengths.

Motivation & Passion

Through personal experience, I understand that the best odds of maximizing your potential (in whatever you are pursuing) come when you feel confident, encouraged, and driven by a purpose. This whole deal is a lifelong journey; you only lose if you quit trying. I would be honored to be a part of your success story. We can all get better together. Let’s do this thing.