Matt Collins

Matt Collins

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer - Self Defense & Martial Arts Specialist


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About Coach

My specialty is self-defense and martial arts. I taught advanced and basic SWAT, defensive tactics, and use of force at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy. I created a program for the MD Police Training Commission for SWAT physical fitness. I’m creator of KIK, Knowledge is Key defense system. I’m also an affiliate instructor of the Personal Defense Readiness, Be Your Own Body Guard, and Know FEAR programs under Blauer Tactical System.

Turning Point

I taught a self-defense class at Heirloom in January 2023, and then became a member. The values of "family first, business second," are evident at Heirloom: the sense of family, giving back to community, and treating each and every member as an individual.

Motivation & Passion

I have always taught everyone that that Mind, Body and Spirit must be worked on equally for a balanced experience/life. And that philosophy is something I pass on to our Heirloom members.