Melissa Dross

Melissa Dross

Nutrition & Fitness Coach


CrossFit L1

Precision Nutrition PN1-NC

Healthy Steps Nutrition

About Coach

I am originally from Pennsylvania and growing up I was a very competitive volleyball and track throwing athlete. Outside of being a CrossFit coach, I am a nutrition coach as well. And outside of all things Heirloom, I’m a full time Food Scientist where I work in Research and Development for new products.

Turning Point

I found CrossFit randomly when a friend suggested to try it out. After nervously signing up and completing my first class, I remember thinking to myself “this is awesome!” And from there, the barbell clanging, burpee smashing, box jumping, chalk clapping girl was born.

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit is where friendships are made, hardships are shared, spouses are found, character is built, muscles are chiseled, and minds are hardened. If you are looking for a tight knit community of like-minded people, you’ve found it. As your coach, I enjoy pushing my athletes to reach their fullest potential. I love helping people achieve virtuosity: performing the common uncommonly well.