Sue Reincke

Sue Reincke

Nutrition Coach & Admin


Precision Nutrition PN1-NC

Healthy Steps Nutrition

About Coach

I am a Nutrition Coach at Heirloom. I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from St Francis University, and received my nutrition coaching certifications through Healthy Steps Nutrition and Precision Nutrition. I also have an administrative role at Heirloom, helping Karah with many of the back-end operations of the business.

Turning Point

I started CrossFit in the fall of 2017. I love it because it challenges me so much more than I had ever done on my own. I love the variety of the daily workouts, and I have a great group of coaches and fellow members to support me. I’ve gotten stronger and fitter and have had so much fun doing so than I ever did on my own at a traditional gym.

Motivation & Passion

I was historically a yo-yo dieter. I became a nutrition client myself and learned a sustainable way of eating. I wanted to then help others find the same success I have had. I help clients by using a personalized, simple, step-by-step holistic approach to reach their nutrition goals. I will be your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner!