Empathy and COVID-19

I saw a Facebook post recently which claimed that this is, “the worst slogan ever,” because of how COVID-19 is affecting people differently. It compared
Sue Reincke
May 4, 2020
Empathy and COVID-19

Sue Reincke


May 4, 2020

I saw a Facebook post recently which claimed that this is, “the worst slogan ever,” because of how COVID-19 is affecting people differently.  It compared box stores to small businesses and those working compared to those who are now unemployed:

Before being a part of the Heirloom community, I may have agreed with this post.  But since both learning from our DofS in how she’s been interacting with others and witnessing how our members treat each other and the community at large, I’ve become more empathetic towards what everyone is going through during this time.

Because we ARE all in this together.  Unless you’ve been living completely off the grid for the last 5 months or more, you’ve been affected by this virus in some way, shape, or form.  It may be affecting you differently from others, or not as much as others, or more so than others, but no one has been completely untouched by this pandemic….

Are you able to see your family/friends/parents/grandparents/grandchildren in person?

Are you able to buy everything you need from the grocery store?

Are you working as you normally would?

Are your kids in school?

Can you pay your rent or mortgage without hardship?

Did you have plans/events/vacations that were cancelled?

Do you have employees that rely on you?

For me, I’m currently laid off.  Am I making as much as I did when I was working?  Yes

Would I rather be working/contributing to society?  Yes

Am I unsure/worried as to when or even IF I’ll be able to work in my profession again?  Yes!!!

Am I being creative with our meals because of limited grocery options?  Yes

Have I had to cancel plans?  Yes

Has Zoom been the main way to connect with my friends and family?  Yes

Do I miss life like it was before?  Yes!!!

I know there are others who have it “better” or “worse” than I do.  I think of the farmers who have had to let their produce go to waste and simply kill the animals due to lack of workers.

I think of business owners trying their damnedest to think outside the box in order to support their employees and remain open.

Of the doctors and nurses and medical staff who are working daily to take care of the sick.

Of the elderly.  Of the students.  Of the graduates.  Of the school staff and teachers.  Of the larger companies who do actually produce all the things we need like soaps and food and all the other things that still “magically” appear on the shelves.  Of the supply chains in general.  Of the leaders trying to make decisions for the health of the masses.  

Everyone is affected.  It may vary from person to person in its severity, but no one has been untouched by this global pandemic.  

We ARE all in this together.  And we ARE stronger together.  How?   By being empathetic towards each other and supporting each other instead of going down the rabbit hole of, “It’s not fair,” and “I have it worse than anyone else,” and “Woe is me.”

Choose empathy.  Choose positivity and look for that silver lining, as hard as it sometimes can be.  These expand and grow just as easily as negativity does.

Stay well,


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