Heirloom CrossFit Open 2023 Details

We’ve got one more week before the 2023 Open begins with a live announcement from Spain at 3pm eastern standard time on Thursday, February 16,
February 7, 2023
Heirloom CrossFit Open 2023 Details



February 7, 2023

We’ve got one more week before the 2023 Open begins with a live announcement from Spain at 3pm eastern standard time on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

Will you be watching?!?!

We will!! And then, honestly, #crossfitjoel and I will be going to a talk therapy appointment and then to a post therapy dinner. Because the whole story is the best story. 🙂

The Open Starts at BarnFit

That’s right!!! We know that many of us still prefer to workout at our regular times, with our regular people, even during the Open. And that includes #the6pmers.

Be among the first in the world to tackle the 23.1 workout by reserving your spot and signing into BarnFit on Thursday, February 16th with TWO coaches, for all of the warm up, modification and workout assistance anyone might need. Coach Casey is out of town, so Coaches Angie AND Sean will be there to lead you all through what might be your very first Open workout. How exciting!!

We will program the Open workout during the 6pm BarnFit class on Thursdays, February 16th, 23rd and March 2nd. Don’t be shy! We will make room for all who want to participate!

Friday Workouts February 17th, 24th & March 3rd

Then, on Fridays for the 3 weeks of the Open, we will have our regular class times and program the Open workouts.

*6.30am with Coach Matt
*9am with Coach Matt
*4.30pm with Coach Karah – we will run as many heats as necessary to fit everyone in, no class limit

Friday Night Lights

Whether you want to come to workout or hang out, please plan to join us for Friday evening festivities for these 3 weeks.

Free and open to the public, the Open is a great way to mingle with our community and connect around the shared pursuit of fitness.

Even if you aren’t signed up for class, please plan to join us anytime after 4.30pm. Bring a cooler, snacks are always welcome and we never turn a cow bell away during the Open!

Saturdays – Open Barn Only

Saturdays for these 3 weeks we will not have a separate workout programmed. Heirloom will be open from 9-10.30am and you can come to do some stretching, do some technique work or bring a workout idea of your own.

We will be using this time to give anyone else who wants the opportunity, a place and time to complete the Open workouts.

If you want to drop in and be judged, this is your time!

Please don’t hesitate to email info@heirloomathletics.com, text 443.205.3385 or DM on social media @heirloomathletics.

We don’t judge everyone, only those who specially request it. #iykyk

Friday – March 10th – 5pm

Friday, March 10th, there will be no regular workout for the 4.30pm class.

Starting at 5pm we will be hosting an Open Celebration Party & Game Night. We are bringing back an old favorite almost 3 years to the day from when we played for the first time, the Friday night before closing for COVID in 2020. HOOVERBALL!!!!

We have so much to celebrate!! Please come for fun and games!! Members please reserve your spot in Wodify. Non members, please refer to contact info above if you want to celebrate with us! We’d love to share our celebration with you!

See you in class!!

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