Heirloom’s Kid in Adult Classes Policy

You know we love the families! It is one of all of our favorite parts about Heirloom. That at any given moment after class you
January 23, 2022
Heirloom’s Kid in Adult Classes Policy



January 23, 2022

You know we love the families!

It is one of all of our favorite parts about Heirloom.

That at any given moment after class you might find yourself in the middle of a dodge ball game.

Or a race up and down the gym.

Or watching a kid do a rope climb.

All of that stuff is definitely the good stuff!!

Our Policy Regarding Kids in Class

Where we have to create the policy, is during class time.

For the 45 minutes of the class, and as long as someone is still working out, we ask that no children be allowed on the gym floor.

If you have a child under the age of 5, who would like to stay in the same room with you and/or join you in the workout, we ask that you create separation between the gym floor and your child, by using the baby gate located in the cubby room.

It runs perfectly between the dryer and the head of class.

We also ask that you occupy that front spot in class closest to your child.

Safety, Insurance and Distraction, Oh my!

I am updating this policy for a few reasons.

The boring one is insurance.

The selfish one is that I don’t want the coaches to feel compelled to direct their attention to your adorable children doing adorable things.

How are they going to notice that your elbows are sagging if cuteness overload is going on between you and that other barbell?

Wait, your kid is under someone else’s barbell?!?!

The most important reason is safety.

There is a lot going on during class.

Often heavy weights, always loud music.

If anything at all were to happen on our watch, it would be nearly impossible to move beyond that.

What about kids over 5?

Well, thank you all for helping to set them up for success every time they come and need to self entertain.

We love having them, too!!

Currently they are free to hang in the lounge and cubby room during class time.

And I will be bringing a dust buster in so everyone can clean up after themselves, just like we all do in class.

We are hashing around thoughts about a possible kids class so please feel free to email me with your thoughts about that, if you have any! info@heirloomathletics.com

All Questions go to Karah

We thank you all immensely for your understanding and adherence to this new policy. If you have any questions at all please just email info@heirloomathletics.com and I will be happy to address them all. 🙂

Also, the coaches are here to guide you all through what we hope is one of the best hours of your day.

Please be kind to them as they help us all implement this policy.

Thank you all for being the amazing community that you are!

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