Free Online Resources for a Positive Mindset

Ok, so we’ve found some great online resources for workouts and recipes, and now it’s time to tackle the mind.
December 23, 2019
Free Online Resources for a Positive Mindset



December 23, 2019

Ok, so we’ve found some great online resources for workouts and recipes, and now it’s time to tackle the mind.  If I were to put Heirloom Athletics at the top of a pyramid, the bottom layer would consist of these 3 pillars:

Exercise, Diet, and Mindset.

We can exercise until we’re blue in the face and eat only the cleanest of foods, but if what is going on in our minds is negative, we are going to poison the process with our thoughts.  And our thoughts are what turn into our reality.  

So if that is the case, we actually get to choose our reality.  

That is powerful.

I encourage you to consider your every thought with the most discerning lens.  Are your thoughts productive? Are they encouraging? Are they building you up or dragging you down?

Do your thoughts encourage you to follow your dreams? That’s a big one.

The following are all Instagram accounts that I find inspiring.  Some are gym-related, some are entrepreneur-related, and some are pure mindset.  

Take some time with this one; it’s that important.

Gary Vaynerchuck – This is a link to his YouTube channel but he is everywhere online.  He’s an immigrant who is a super-successful entrepreneur, is driven by happiness, and believes that kindness is king.  I couldn’t agree more.

Miranda Alcaraz – This is her Instagram account, but she also does a few podcasts.  She’s a former CrossFit Games athlete who is currently building an online empire with her husband and young son with baby #2 on the way.  I am inspired by the sense of community they have been able to create with their business and agree with their exercise methodology.

Best Hour of Their Day – Even though they can be very specific to CrossFit and gym ownership, their theories and principles have carryover to any entrepreneur or small business.  Episode 122, titled, “Is your box fit?” might be centered around a CrossFit gym, but everyone running a business or thinking of starting one would benefit from listening to Jason’s thesis on determining how “fit” your business is.

Ben Bergeron – He coaches elite fitnessers.  And do you want to know THE thing that separates the tip of the spear from the rest of us?  Mindset. The top 1% of the top 1% in any industry is the smartest or fastest or most creative in that field.  The way to continue to improve even when you are at the absolute peak of your game is by the thoughts you allow to consume your mind.  I really learned this by listening to Ben Bergeron.
I am not exaggerating when I say I have watched every single Ben Bergeron “Chasing Excellence” podcast at least once (and many episodes multiple times.)  He started his podcast around the same time I was diving head-first into training in Aruba, and even then his approach to business was inspiring and motivating to me.  

Larry the Human – For continuing education last year, I got certified as an Active Life RX coach.  Active Life RX is a process for evaluating movement on an individual basis. Larry was one of the instructors.  He is just a great human being. And a deep thinker. And a do gooder. And he insights thought and discussion on Instagram.  He doesn’t post often, but it’s always good.

The Daily Stoic – The Instagram version of a “quote of the day.”

We can all only hope to be so fortunate as to be prepared for the next step in our lives by unknowingly preparing ourselves along the way.  What might you be preparing for right now? How can I help?

Please feel free to forward this along to someone who would benefit from some positive vibes heading their way.

Let’s do this!

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