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Hey-hey! Today is all about nutrition. We all know that the path to better health has to include healthy habits in the kitchen.
December 23, 2019
Our Favorite Free Online Recipe Sites



December 23, 2019


Today is all about nutrition.  We all know that the path to better health has to include healthy habits in the kitchen.  So why is it so hard to just eat healthy already!?!? I don’t actually have the answer to that.  You’re welcome?

But, I have been in every stage of what I am dubbing the “Nutrition Spectrum.”  We all eat, so we are all at some point on the spectrum every single day of our lives.  And this spectrum covers a lot of ground. From those who don’t pay that much attention to what they eat and don’t really care to change that, to those who track every last gram of anything they put in their mouths, to everyone in between.

If you fall in “anywhere in between,” then we’re there together.  Some days I’m closer to, “I’m going to have another spoonful of peanut butter just because I can,” than I care to admit.  But my strategy is just to never give up trying.  

Here are some accounts I like to follow that encourage me to keep at it even when, in the moment, it doesn’t feel like that’s what I want to do.  

The Real Food Dietitians – Lots and lots of great recipes.

Physical Kitchness – I actually follow her Instagram account for the recipes, but I just checked out her blog, and she’s a great mix of healthy recipes and at-home workout ideas.  And she’s funny.

Working Against Gravity, Forks Over Knives, Whole 30 Recipes – These 3 Instagram accounts have great recipes.  I am not a vegetarian, nor am I Whole 30 compliant (And if you have no idea what Whole 30 is, that’s cool; that’s not the important detail), I just like the recipes they post on these accounts.

I have been finding myself naturally gravitating toward a heavily plant-based diet over the last 4 years or so, but I am also all about a perfectly medium tenderloin.  But, a friend of mine shared this recipe with me recently, and it is a hit, even with Joel, who thinks tofu is akin to typhoid fever. Apparently, peanut sauce is the ultimate camouflage.  Enjoy! Tofu Stir-fry with Peanut Sauce recipe.

Do you have kitchen tips or hacks that help you stay on track with nutrition?  Please leave a comment and let me know; I’m all about learning new tricks.

Or are you so far at the other end of the spectrum that you’re not sure what to do?  Let’s figure it out together!

Enjoy your day!

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