February 2022 Monthly Challenge Details

Monthly challenge for members and non members to complete a daily tabata style core workout.
January 26, 2022
February 2022 Monthly Challenge Details



January 26, 2022

You may be asking yourself, why do we even do monthly challenges and why would I want to participate?

To read about our mindset as it relates to offering irregular monthly challenges to members, and non members alike, read this post about Heirloom Monthly Challenges.

And we are kicking things off with our first monthly challenge in February 2022.

Midline Madness Monthly Challenge

How it works

Monday thru Saturday during the month of February the coach of the first class of the day will select 2 cards from a deck that includes one card each from Ace through King plus the Joker. 14 cards total. Hearts, of course. Happy February. 🙂

Each card will represent a specific movement (listed below). Each movement represents one variation or another of a core strengthening exercise. Some are static holds and some are more dynamic.

Within each move is a variety of customizations that anyone can choose to make it work for you. The important part is the participation, not doing any specific move.

The card picking is just for fun and to keep it interesting. Some combinations of movements will be more challenging than others. And some movements might be new to you entirely! You’re welcome. What’s the fun of a challenge if it’s the same ol’, same ol’.

What do the cards mean?

Once the cards are picked the movements that correspond to each card will be written on the announcement chalkboard and posted in the Heirloom Community Facebook Group at some point throughout the day.

1 card picked between Ace and Seven then 1 card picked between Eight and Joker.

Ace – Slam balls or Sledge Hammer on a tire
2 – Russian twists – lots of options here from keeping your feet on the ground to adding weight and speed
3 – Hollow hold options or hollow rocks – make your body a banana
4 – Strict knee raises or strict alt toe to bar – hollow hold hang is also an option
5 – L sit drills or L sit (hands on benches, boxes, rings or matador)
6 – L hang options
7 – Dead bug variations (tips)
8 – Palloff press squat options
9 – Plank (low, high, side – your choice)
10 – Kettlebell drag throughs or plank shoulder taps
JACK – Superman hold and rock options
QUEEN – Bear hug hold (ball, atlas stone or bumper plates), add a march if you’re feel frisky
KING – Shoot Throughs
JOCKER – Double Kettlebell Front Rack Hold or Back Rack Yoke Hold

*If you are joining us on your own, just returning to exercise from injury, post-partum or just feel like two different moves in one day is too much right now, substitute an 8 second inhale, 4 second hold and an 8 second exhale (in through your nose and deep into your abdomen) for one of the moves. You can do this standing, sitting tall or laying down on your back.

Alternate the 2 move Tabata Style

What is a Tabata?

A Tabata lasts 4 minutes.

It is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.

Since we’re doing 2 difference moves for each tabata, you will do 4 times 20 seconds of each movement.

Easy peasy. 🙂

Get your whole class to do it with you after the workout! Or do it on your own at home. Either way works!

Here’s a free, online Tabata Timer you can start right now!

A few more details (tools not rules)

You can make up a tabata, but you can never get credit for more than one tabata in a day.

For example, you miss Monday and do it Tuesday and also do Tuesday’s tabata. Total tabata points that day = 1

But, if you miss any day, and then make it up on Sunday, a day that we will not be posting a new tabata, that counts as 1.

Basically, 6 is the most amount of points earnable in a week.

24 is the most possible points earned at the end of the month.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the month wins $20 Heirloom Cash – good for any items sold in the kitchen, including merch!

If there’s a tie, we’ll figure out a winner somehow.

And be informed that accumulated challenge points may or may not carry over from challenge to challenge for an overarching Challenge Consistency 2022 Prize.

And how about instead of mocking Danielle for assuming she’s going to win, put your energy into giving her a run for her money. #strongertogether

Are you in?!?!

Let us know by putting your name on the chalkboard where the bands and barbell collars are.

And keep track of how many of the tabatas you complete during the month of February!

Miss one, or a couple? No worries, do as many as you can. Let’s see how many of us can get 14 or more!!

That’s one every other day for one month. Your 10 year older than you are now self will thank you.

Let me know what questions you have! Hopefully you join us!!

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