Wednesday, October 5, 2022

12 Min AMRAP (As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min) 4 Toes to Bar or 8 V-Ups6 Push Ups8 Hang DB Snatch,
October 4, 2022
Wednesday, October 5, 2022



October 4, 2022

12 Min AMRAP

(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)

4 Toes to Bar or 8 V-Ups
6 Push Ups
8 Hang DB Snatch, 4 per side

Goal: 9-12 Rounds
Comment: Total Number of Completed Rounds + any Additional Reps

Set yourself up for 90 second rounds or less. Choose a load on the snatches and variation on the bodyweight movements that will allow you to go unbroken most of the way if not all.

Toes to bar starts with you hanging from the bar with hands slightly wider than shoulders, shoulders drawn down away from your ears and arms straight. Think about pushing the bar out in front of you so your shoulders travel back behind the bar as you raise your toes up to touch bar between your hands.

Double rep V-Ups are a comparable option, or, modify to Knee-Ups, Supine Toe Touches holding a single dumbbell over the chest or regular sit-ups.

For the push up we want to see a rigid body position with shoulders above or beyond the wrists and hands just wider than shoulder width.  Squeeze your butt, your thighs and your belly. No sagging hips or snaking.

Keep your elbows within 45 degrees to the body as you lower your chest and thighs to make contact with the floor.  Stay engaged.  Press back up to the top until arms are totally straight.

To maintain these good positions throughout, you may need to elevate your hands to a box or a bench. Your coach can help you find the right height based on your current abilities.

For the single DB Hang Power Snatches you will bring the dumbbell to the waist.  You will hinge forward slightly while keeping the chest up and belly tight.  Keep the heels down and knees out – arm straight.  Stand up hard and fast – shrug the shoulder – punch the working elbow out to the side to keep the dumbbell close to the body as it travels UP!  From here you will either punch to lockout or punch to lockout WHILE punching yourself UNDER slightly.  Get the bicep by the ear and stand completely with it still there to complete the rep!

Lower back to the waist, complete 4 per arm per round.

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